Here is what we have planned!

  • New Website Launch

    If you are reading this then you've already experienced our newly designed COUPONPAQ website. 1st 2014 milestone reached.

    This site features a clean modern interface with easy access to information & resources. Although we initially planned to launch this website with the new platform in 2013 , unforeseen circumstances (namely premature decline of the daily deal marketwhich was going to be the primary focus of our release) ; forced us to go back to the drawing board to implement more of our incentive marketing programs and delayed the release. New Year, New beginnings.

  • Customization is back!

    Need an exclusive design or a new function? No problem! We are bringing back customization after a hiatus in 2013. Our customers will now benefit from unique customization options of the new platform to meet with their specific needs. Customization will be entail both front-end design and back-end programming.

  • INCENTIPAQ Platform Launch

    Update: The project launch is postponed.

    Our developers are working through repeat hackathons to get the next update to you at the end of Q2. Things you must note, the COUPONPAQ platform will be released as a component of our feature rich INCENTIPAQ platform as INCENTIPAQ Coupons. check- out our blog to see details

  • 4th Quarter Surprise

    We are revamping and relaunching a few of our resource management and allocation applications from 2001 to launch a new division of INCENTIPAQ focusing on ...

    ...hence the surprise

Last Major Release ( Version 8) - minor upgrade between releases

COUPONPAQ version 8 is the current version of our 10 year old e-coupon software.  It extends v7  functions and introduces some dynamic features to enhance the user experience and get results.

** v8 includes fully built-in mobilePAQ & directoryPAQ with dedicated business pages, multi-level rating and all the upgrades below.

  • Newly redesigned CSS, JQUERY AND ASP framework  for fast loading  and full web interface customization (including display manipulation).
  • Includes over a dozen new stylesheets, 9 for web browsing, 3 for mobile browsing and 1 for printing
  • Now admin can add and display their  twitter and face book links on all pages to promote and connect with site users
  • Introduced global locales to support date and currency options for different countries ~multi-language editor add-on coming soon.
  • Newly displayed coupons to show featured, new or hot , expiring (or last chance deals)
  • Numeric coupon values displayed in cart.
  • Mobile Web App. (MobilePAQ)
  •  A mobile companion site for  browsing and redeeming coupons
    • It has 3 new mobile style sheets that can be modified from the admin.
    • Several features such as mobile google map, instantly call business and more exciting feature
  • RSS site population.
  • Display parsed RSS feeds from other coupon and affiliate sites  like , ebates and more to populate the homepage and browsing categories.
  • manage RSS feeds in admin
    • Set when conditions to display on home page (for example, show only when I have 5 coupons on the home page)
  • Today's hot deals selected from the admin and displayed on the home page
  • Redesigned VERIPAQ authentication solution.
  • The VERIPAQ automatically generates a 6-10 digit random number that is prefixed with a 3 digit number added by the admin for each coupons. This number is printed on the coupon with a barcode and is only visible on the printed pages and not on other coupons on the site.  Hence shoppers have to print coupons using our print now or add to print cart feature for authentic coupons.  Merchants are advised to  accept only coupons with a VERIPAQ barcode. This allows the system to track authentic prints of the coupons

    •   Built-In Business Directory (DirectoryPAQ)
    • Now with an option to drive entire site by business listings in lieu of coupons and deals
    • Newly redesigned business interface with 3 search display views, list, grid map views
    • Business Ratings & Reviews
    • Shoppers review businesses, rate it on a 5 star scale and add comments
    • Merchant respond to these review
    • Other shoppers rate the ratings to promote fair practices
    • Disable ratings: businesses can disable ratings for their business
    • Shoppers can manage their ratings to add to or change review after a new experience.
    • Admin management of business ratings
    • Social networking tools
    • You tube video
    • Google Map feature with directions
    • Business impressions tracking for better advertising metrics
    • Improved mailing list management
    •  text business location and promotions   with ClickAtell SMS gateway 
    • Redesigned Reporting tools and charting system
    • Newly added impressions tracking for businesses and coupons
    • Get reports on total performance of business  including impressions, click  throughs and deal prints  for  selected time frames
    • Choose chart to display coupons/ deal performance, including impressions, prints,  and website referrals from the deals
    • Dynamic PDF generation for campaign impressions and print reports
    • New coupons interactivity
    • New Print Now option
    • Redesigned coupon book where customers manage coupons they want to use in future.
    • New share coupon option
    • Unique coupon URL for different landing page than business websites.
    • Unique coupon categories for different departments of the business categories
    • coupon impression
    • Texting/ SMS coupon distribution using built in Clickatell gateway ( a fee is charge per text for this gateway)
    • Banner Advertising (ADPAQ)
        • integrated 4 banner ad zones (customizable with css)
        • Add banner campaigns for text, script or images to the ad zones
        • Add media kit per zone for potential advertisers
        • Add banners to different metro areas
        • Track banner impressions and performance clicks
        • Assign banners to system merchants to enhance advertising package 
    • New payment system tracking
      • Introducing 3 new  accounts statuses active, trial account and inactive accounts (for expired trial, suspended or terminated accounts)
      • Improved external payment gateway integration
    • Newly Redesigned admin & merchant interface with dropdown menus and tabbed options
    • Merchants /Admin can suspend a campaign
    • Google Coupons integrated

      Google coupon feeds enable businesses to provide coupon listings that will be included in Google search results. Coupon feeds enable merchants to easily distribute coupons for free via the web. Consumers can also search for, print and redeem coupons for free. This service brings tangible value to both merchants, who can use coupons to find new customers who are very likely to make purchases, and for customers, who can find more competitive offers for the products and services that they buy

  • Last Chance or Expiring coupons page
  • Set the number of days left to  expiring before displaying coupons on last chance page
  • Newly redesigned full page ads with thumbnail generation
  • New embedding options to merchants site

...and the list goes on;


v7 Release 2008

 Shopper's Module

 1. New user friendly CSS driven interface that is editable with our online admin skinning interface

2. Enhanced search (that allows users to set a default area for browsing through the site)

3. Coupon cart technology, that enables users to add coupons to cart through their sessions and print all the coupons in the cart when they are ready to go. (a usability improvement over the print as you go v4 module)

4. Redesigned email subscription module that enables user to join mailing list of companies they choose.

5. Coupons by RSS Module and addthis social networking widget for book marking (removed in v8)

6. Simplified account manager and login security

 Merchant's Module

7. Web 2.0 style flash rotation of featured merchants on the side bar

8. Redesigned pricing logic that enables the merchant to purchase a package for number businesses and coupons before listing.

9. Redesigned merchant dashboard that lists prints and referrals

10. New featured specials upload allows merchants to add a larger brochure type image of promotions that is highlighted on their page

11. Redesigned coupons by email distribution module, that allows merchants to add their subscribers from external sources. Embed a subscription form on their site to increase sign ups

12. Print reporting feature with charts and PDF generation

13. Redesigned business and coupon management, for add, edit and delete

14. Embed coupons to merchants site

15. Merchants can add web only coupons for members to click and sent to their respective sites

16. Hidden barcode and or secure code addition only visible to clippers at the print stage to enhance coupon security and accurate reporting.


Admin's Module

17. Redesigned easy to use business and coupons management module

18. Redesigned banner area for outside advertising such as google, commission junction and more

19. Add target areas for the search and listing modules

20. Upload logo and CSS skin online

21. Dynamically add pages such about us and privacy policy to be displayed with the look and feel of the site.

22. Redesigned pricing management

23. Reporting with snapshots, dynamic charts and detailed print pdf

24. Secure Print Page

25. Auto Approve subscriptions

COUPONPAQ is super packed with new features. Learn more on the Key Features page

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