Packed With Revenue Generating Tools for Marketers & Business Owners

We built our platform to be a results-driven coupon marketing solution for marketing companies and business owners. It includes a multi-vendor environment for marketers to create, track and manage their coupon marketing campaign.

Business owners can use the platform also to list and distribute their coupons to engage, convert and retain customers.
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Launch Instantly

With our 24 hour setup time, you can get your new coupon marketing site up and ready for your market within 24 hours. Easily add target markets, categories, pricing structure and more. Set up additional pages like 'about us' and more in a few simple steps.

Fully Customizable

Easily change the look and feel of the coupon site to integrate with your existing site or choose from over a dozen pre-built skins included with the site. The front end is designed with Industry standard CSS, available online for selection, download and editing.

Search Engine Optimized

Grow your web traffic with our SEO platform. Add keywords, meta descriptions and more from the admin. Includes automated sitemap generation, RSS Feeds generator,robots text and automated merchant generated titles and description for added merchants.

Recurring Revenue Stream

Create multiple recurring income streams with the COUPONPAQ platform. It is integrated with an automated merchant subscription module with no limits to the number of merchants you can sign up .and marketing features such as the banner ad management for google sense, commission junction type ads and more.

Competitve Scalable

COUPONPAQ is suitable for various business sizes, from a marketing entrepreneur to multi-national media companies. Enjoy unlimited growth potential with no restrictions on advertisers. This platform is built to facilitate and accomodate business growth.

Mobile Ready

The mobile web app is accessible by all smartphones and is device independent. Whether you like it or not, a website that isn’t mobile-friendly can cost you both traffic and leads. MobilePAQ will mobilize your portal and will be accessible by all forward thinking phones

Features in Summary


Listing and managing coupons is super easy with our coupon CMS system. Site admin and merchants can list coupons by completing a simple form and uploading images. Coupons can be edited, suspended or deleted from the CMS. Coupon prints can be limited for the entire site, per person --with the clubpaq addon

Yellow Pages Style Directory

The platform comes with a built-in yellow pages style directory, where businesses are listed, with address, logo, description, website link, phone number, youtube video with a detailed merchant page that showcases all the business has to offer with reviews, a contact form, map and direction.

Email Marketing

With our built-in multi-level email marketing system, site owners can send general emails to shoppers, merchants and co-admins. Merchants can also send coupons to subscribers who opt to receive emails from them.

Social networking & Viral Mkt tools.

The directory is integrated with traffic building social tools to promote each business; including sending statuses to facebook, twitter, digg and more. Shoppers can forward the business listing via email to friends. Integrated You tube video

One Click Yellow Pages Setup

With one click from the admin suite, you can set your coupons software to be a yellow pages style directory, driven by the businesses and services instead of the coupons and promotions.

Multi-View Display

The directory search results can be displayed in grid, map or list view based on the shopper preference.

Multi-level Review System

Create a customer trusted site with our multi-level rating system. Shoppers can rate and review businesses and other shoppers can vote for the ratings to show their helpfulness. Businesses can opt out of receiving ratings and reviews. Shoppers can manage and edit their review. Admin can manage all reviews and responses.

SMS (text) Messaging

The directory is integrated with the no 1 text messaging app, clickatell. You can turn this feature on or off to enable site visitors to text business and coupons to their mobiles or others. You may also send a text blast from the admin. Clickatell charges a service fee per message sent. To avoid abuse, visitors have to login or register to send text messages.

Google Map

Integrated with an interactive google map system. Customers can map the businesses and get directions from their location to the business location.

Real time Reporting

Create dynamic reports on the fly with the integrated reporting tools and up to date charting solutions, using Google charts and dynamic PDF reports generation. For both advertisers and the admin suites. Also use google analytics to analyze the general performance of the business directory.

With its superior front & back end, the COUPONPAQ platform is an outstanding application with lots of benefits.

Comprehensive Administrative Suite

Micro manage from any location

Administrators enjoy the freedom of managing their business from any location with access to all details online, including business management, coupon management, member management, performance reports, banner ad management, email newsletter blasts.

Complete system setup, look and feel setup, pricing, categories payment gateway, search engine optimization mobile setup and more.

  • Secure content management interface with login timestamp and IP security check for the admin

  • Business Management tools, easily add, modify, approve, suspend or delete businesses

  • Coupon listing management to add, edit, track or delete coupons

  • Redesigned full page ads module

  • New added hot deals selection to select and display hot deals on the homepage

  • Membership management:

    • Add new members as admin, merchants or shoppers.

    • Manage and edit members of the system   

  • Price package setup for merchants to subscribe to.

  • It has an option to add a free package or free or introductory price trial options

  • limit number of businesses and coupons a merchant can list per package

  • It also has an option to add a package with a free trial or simply set the packages as is and higher priced packages to be featured on the site.

  • Payment gateway management.

    • paypal subscription module for automated recurring payments and approval or suspension of accounts (with IPN instant payment notifications)

    • Additional payment gateways can be added. We provide variables to use for these gateways, for instance to  add send a price to the gateway the admin can enter [price] where the gateway demands it.   

  • Built in Support Module:- Add dynamic FAQ and contact information to support shoppers and merchants

  • Additional System Setup

    • Add target markets to reach merchants and shopper alike

    • Add  categories and subcategories for coupons browsing

    • Set up the look and feel of the site with a CSS tool

    • Add agreements and more

    • Set Auto Approve to automatically approved subscriptions and listings  

    • Google Analytics

    • Google Site Map Generator

    • Set system to secure the print page (meaning shoppers would have to register to access the print page).This system works hand in hand with our veripaq system.

  • The VERIPAQ automatically generates a number that is prefixed with a 3 digit number added by the admin. This number is printed on the coupon with a barcode and is only visible on the printed pages and not on other coupons on the site. Shoppers have to print using our print now or add to print cart feature for authentic coupons. This allows the system to track authentic prints of the coupons Merchants are advised to  accept only coupons with VERIPAQ barcode

  • Sponsored or Banner Ad Manager to give admin an additional revenue source from end user clicks. Adds  banners, text ads or script from affiliates like google adsense or commission junction.    

  • Send email newsletters to subscribers, merchants, shoppers or admins of the system.

  • Send SMS text messaging with Clickatell gateway to mobile subscribers. 

  • Redesigned Reports area with charting and PDF generation per business per time frame    

  • Add additional pages like about us and more with the content management system.

  • Add RSS Feeds to populate the site

  • Export Coupons to Print

  • Add hot deals

  • Set number of days to create last chance deals

  • Full Service Merchant/Vendor Suite

    No more long waits for your clients with the automated built-in full service merchant suite. Advertisers can subscribe to advertising subscriptions added by the administrator and get full access to list, manage, and monitor the performance of their businesses and coupon campaigns.

    Advertisers can send newsletter blast to opt-in shoppers on the site.

    They can respond to customer reviews and authenticate coupons brought to their shops.

    • Full Service Registration merchants select a package and pay with paypal subscription or any other payment gateway module added by the admin. Then start adding coupons with the coupon creation wizard. Simply complete a few form fields select  your image and upload.

    • Redesigned merchant center with instant report dashboard and fast loading pages.

    • Business Management for  adding business listing with logo, you tube and business management.

    • Coupon Management, to add edit and suspend or delete campaigns with listing wizard

      Embedding wizard to embed coupons listed to any website

    • Add coupons to the business listings, secure barcode upload and security code. It has an option for web only coupons or print coupons

    • Unique business page with details map, review, you tube video and full page ads

    • Send HTML email newsletter to subscribers, add to and manage subscribers.

    • Add Email Subscribers

    • Access to shoppers who opt-in from the portal

    • Embed Email Subscription form on website

    • Add Full Page Ads  to their listings     

    • Generate real time reports to compare the campaign with pie charts and bar charts and detailed PDF

    • Embed coupons to website

    • Barcode generator

    • Manage online profile

    • Access merchant help page

    • Dynamic Sitemap inclusion

    • Access VERIPAQ tool to verify the authenticity of the coupon from the site.

    • Embed VERIPAQ on site for employees

    • The VERIPAQ automatically generates a number that is prefixed with a 3 digit number added by the admin. This number is printed on the coupon with a barcode and is only visible on the printed pages and not on other coupons on the site. Shoppers have to print using our print now or add to print cart feature for authentic coupons. This allows the system to track authentic prints of the coupons Merchants are advised to  accept only coupons with VERIPAQ barcode

    Finding Discounts Has Never Been Easier.

    The platform includes user friendly search and browsing tools to find coupons in a shopper's locale, on the web and with a smart mobile phone.

    Access to coupons & deals

    • Print deals immediately
      Add to print cart to print after browsing session on less sheets or
      add the deal to coupon book for future use.

    Coupons added to print cart can be removed or managed at the end of session allowing comparisons and selection of better deals that are found later in the session.

    Coupons added to coupon book require registration so the coupon book can be accessed an managed securely.

    Easy registration and login with timestamp and IP security

    Use "my coupon book"  link to access and print saved coupons or remove them from saved area

    Shoppers can use the review and rate features to tell others of their experience. They can manage their ratings should it change at a future date.

    Additionally shoppers can share coupons with social network or forward to friends

    A shopper with questions  can contact merchant directly from the site

    Locate the merchant store with dynamic google maps

    Join the merchants mailing list to receive coupon notification by email

    Manage your mailing list in a secure area, remove merchants if you no longer want to hear from them.   

    Subscribe to the RSS feeds for a category and receive it with your feed burner or outlook.

    Club Members Add-on

    With the CLUBPAQ add on, you can charge members to access deals and promotions posted by businesses to the site.

    New members can buy a membership directly from the system, and members from other sales channel can activate their memberships.

    In addition to securing the COUPONPAQ for members only, the CLUBPAQ enables businesses to limit the number of promotions per each club member

    Here are some new features
  • New admin interface to generate club cards

  • New interface to add charities

  • Turn off charities from club settings

  • New interface to add membership packages with club card images and package description

  • Features & Benefits

    Increase Revenue.

    In addition to charging advertisers, with the CLUBPAQ addon, you can charge members to join and access exclusive promotions. This feature can be combined with the advertising paying suite of the main coupon software.

    Clubcard Management

    With our built-in clubcard generator, the CLUBPAQ can generate clubcard numbers for all members. if you already have cards, no problem, import cards to the database and allow members who have these cards to register for online account with their cards.

    Price incentives.

    Add the prices for members and advertisers in the admin suite. Include free trial periods where their cards will be charged after the trial period or simply offer free package with no ties.

    Built-In Multi Channel Activation

    With the club card generation you can reserve cards to be distributed by 3rd parties and allow their subscribers to activate their cards and access the benefits online. The club pricing can be tied to packages that can be hidden from new members sign ups.

    Home Page Program Overview

    Administrators can add a description of the club program which will show on the homepage of the CLUBPAQ. Add program benefits with each package and a card background to be previewed.

    Fully Customizable Look & Feel

    Easily change the look and feel to integrate with your existing site or choose from the 10 pre-built skins. Front end designed with Industry standard CSS (cascading stylesheet)

    Prints Per User

    With the COUPONPAQ coupon software, merchants can set the total number of prints for their coupons, the CLUBPAQ solution allows them to also set the number of prints per club member, to increase returns on the promotion.

    Fundraising Solution.

    Use the CLUBPAQ to manage your fundraising incentives. Give contributors access to the coupons and promotions listed in the portal, from merchants serving their area. Increase the funds raised.

    Step away from the desk with mobilePAQ 2.0

    More than ever, shoppers are using the phone for their mobile browsing needs. Studies indicate mobile browsing is set to surpass desktop browsing within a few years. Whether you like it or not, a website that isn’t mobile-friendly can cost you traffic and potential revenue. Luckily, mobilePAQ makes it easy to upgrade to mobile-friendly websites that look great and more importantly meet shoppers needs.

    Device Independent

    Accessible by all smartphones, the mobilePAQ is a mobile web app that is device independent and act as a companion site to your couponpaq portal. Enabling you to Increase Visibility , Increase Shopper Base , Increase Revenue.

    Instant Integration at No Extra Cost

    The mobilePAQ can be added to any COUPONPAQ license at no cost and can be enabled from the administrative module after an easy install. All coupons transferred for mobile viewing.

    User Friendly Coupons Accessibility

    Integrated keyword search that brings coupons up instantly or an option to browse coupons using the drill down categories. First time visitors are directed to select their locale area to browse for the session and future visits. Location can be changed at any time. Touch to call businesses also add to enhance experience.

    Admin Configuration

    The admin can turn this feature on and off, add a logo / homescreen icon for IPhones. With this icon when iphone users bookmark the site, it appears on their home screen similar to iphone apps.

    Mobile Coupon book

    Our shopper favorite function, the e-Coupon book, is now mobile. Online shoppers can sign in with their mobile phone to access their saved coupons. New visitors can save favorite coupons by registering registering right from the smart phones.

    Detailed Business Page with Google Map & Touch to Call

    Integrated with an interactive google map system. Shoppers can learn more about the company, view map of location and use the built -in touch to call feature to contact the business.

    Multiple skins

    The mobile app comes with 3 skins to choose from. These skins are available for selection and modification from the administrative suite. Skins are light weight industry standard CSS that can be edited to suit customers site.

    Secure Login & Registration Option

    With sites that require the shoppers to login before printing the homepage is secured and requires login for access.

    For clubPAQ mobile option, registration is disabled

    You are within Reach

    Included is a sticky contact link on all pages of your mobile site, customers can instantly access your contact page and use the touch-to-call function to contact you.

    COUPONPAQ comes with several marketing tools to increase earnings

    Banner Advertising (ADPAQ)

    Integrated 4 banner ad zones (customizable with css)

    Add banner campaigns for text, script or images to the ad zones

    Add media kit per zone for potential advertisers.

    Add banners to different metro areas

    Track banner impressions and performance clicks

    Assign banners to system merchants to enhance advertising packages 

    Email Marketing, built-in HTML editor email form.

    Admin can send HTML emails to subscribers

    Merchants can send HTML emails to opt in shoppers form the portal

    Merchants can embed email subscription form on their site

    Merchants can add their own email list to their site.

    Text Marketing - Integrated with CLICKATELL SMS gateway to send text messages to opt-in subscribers. (charges may be incured with the gateway

    Dynamic google sitemap generated to submit details of sites and business pages to google

    SEO Optimization, add keywords and description from the admin to your site page.

    Social Networking tools for viral marketing:-, each business listing can have youtube videos and can be shared with facebook or twitter pals with just a few clicks

    Google analytics for page tracking.

    Built in real-time reporting for business and google performance for the merchants and admin.


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